A paid platform for fiction?

And how nonfiction writers can benefit too

Hi writing family, Kelly Eden here.

I have had a busy month, but I always make sure 10% of my writing time is creative time. This month I wrote two short one-women plays, which a director wants to produce!


Because nonfiction writers benefit from stretching our fiction, poetry, and other creative writing muscles.

A place to share your fiction

I started my writing career as a fiction writer. One interesting platform I discovered for fiction the other day is Radish Fiction.

Serialized fiction is increasing in popularity again. People want short reads and there are sites to help you share your work if you decide you want an audience.

Radish Fiction is one of these  and it has the potential to earn money. Wattpad is another. 

Writing fiction is refreshing for nonfiction writers. You can get lost in your characters and in the worlds you build. There’s a lot of freedom in it. 

It also helps develop your story telling skills: an essential skill in nonfiction too!

You can read the rest of the post on Kofi (I’m experimenting with posting there):

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