An extra content income stream

Have you tried this yet?

Hi writing family, Kelly Eden here.

If you’re new, remember there are 3 resources available for you here, including a query letter/pitching template.

Last week, one of our writing family emailed me to say they used the template and out of 5 queries to editors they received 3 acceptances!

I used it last week too and was commissioned to write a piece that pays 200EUR.

Have you used it yet?

Writing job opportunity

Let’s talk briefly about content writing today and another stream to bump up your writing income.

I’ve been writing short local news pieces for NewsBreak for a few months now and find it surprisingly enjoyable and easy.

They’ve recently changed things to make it even easier to write for them and have removed the application process.

You can write as frequently as you want, about whatever interests you as long as it’s US local.

If you think you’d like to give it a go, this is my creators link, which I get a small referral bonus for. Start writing on NewsBreak.

Or if you prefer you can use this non-referral link.

Until next time

I haven’t been well this week so I’ll do some self-care and keep this newsletter short today.

Have a wonderful writing week and let me know how those query letters are going in the comments!