Celebrate with me!

I won a contest and some of our writers have celebrations too

As some of you know already, I was shortlisted last month for a Creative Nonfiction contest. Well, last week I found out I placed 3rd!

I’ve won fiction prizes in the past for my short stories, but this is my first win for nonfiction which is very exciting for me.

I’ve posted my story and the link to the WOW! contest below (scroll down to see my story). I’ll be doing an interview with them soon and I’ll share that with you when it’s live.

Perhaps some of you (it’s women only for this one) may want to send in a story for WOW! Women on Writing’s next contest?

Another win

In keeping with celebrating our writing community’s wins, one of our Academy writers, Katrina Paulson, had her first print magazine story accepted and published this month! You can read it online here too.

It can be scary sending your work off to editors, so that courage in itself is something to celebrate!

And one more!

On Medium, one of our other Academy writers, Melissa Coffey, had her story specially featured. Motherlines: A Memoir on Lineage, Loss and Secrets is a beautiful piece of creative nonfiction and very much deserving of being singled out to be featured by Medium Staff. Congratulations, Melissa.

Have you had any wins you want to share?

Send them in! I love hearing about them. inspiredwriter.kelly@gmail.com

This month’s Creative Nonfiction Academy focus is preparing a piece and then pitching it to editors with support in weekly Zoom calls.

If you feel you need support to get your work out there, feel free to join in for the next couple of months by subscribing below.

Medium Mentoring Community

Also there is only 1 spot left in the Medium Mentoring Community Program! We’re keeping the group to a maximum of 20 so we can give more one-on-one attention. Also because it’s easier to get to know each other in a smaller group.

Here are the details if you’re writing on Medium and want a supportive community to give you a boost.

No Newsletter Next Week

Next week I probably won’t be sending out a newsletter. I’m heading away for dance competitions with my little tap dancing daughter. She’s hoping for some wins to celebrate too.

Then I have to travel to another city for an MRI for some health issues I’ve been having. It’s no biggie, I’m feeling a lot better, but it is going to be a big week.

Hope your writing goes well this week.

See you soon