Supporting New Writers

Inspiration, support, and encouragement for new career writers

Starting out in the writing world can feel overwhelming. How do you begin? Who do you turn to for feedback and support? When I started over ten years ago, I didn’t know any other writers. I didn’t even think it could really be a career. I fumbled around, not really knowing what to do, until I got lucky—I found both an editor and a writing mentor who were generous enough to share their knowledge and support.

Writing creates the work-life balance I need while I raise my family. Non-fiction feature writing make up the majority of my work, but I also write fiction and have won awards for my short stories. I’ve recently self-published my first children’s novel, so that’s a whole new area of learning for me! Writing is not just my job, it’s my passion. I want to share that passion for writing with others and offer them the kind of mentoring that helped me move forward in my career—skills, support, and inspiration.

Because You Write is for new writers who are looking to start their professional journey. Let’s create a supportive, positive environment to learn, improve our skills, and get inspired.

Flick me an email to introduce yourself and the kind of writing you do. It’d be great to meet you!