Do New Voices Matter?

How can we better support new writers

My first new writer starts her one week mentorship this week. I’m excited to be working with her on a piece that I think raises an important question.

Do new voices matter?

Does your voice, as a new writer, deserve to be heard?

Of course it does!

Just because I, or anyone else, have been writing for over a decade does not necessarily make me any better a writer or any more deserving of being read than someone who started their career yesterday.

I’ve met some extremely talented young writers, including one incredible poet who is only 15! Their writing was bold, creative, and it moved me.

I want to see professional and experienced writers supporting and mentoring those who are just starting out, not looking down on them!

I was told once that we need to always have someone we mentor, and someone we learn from. I believe that can sometimes be the same person. When I work with new writers, I learn from them just as much as I hope they learn from me.

Would you read something written by a new writer?

If you’d like to be considered for the Inspired Writer mentorship program it’s completely free. You need to be a Medium writer but it’s easy to join up if you haven’t yet.

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