Done is better than perfect

Pursue your passion and get that story published!

Michelle Monet’s passion is music. When she first started out, she was singing in hotel lounges around her local area but she wanted to go bigger! She drove to a 300 seat theatre called The Shwayder in central Denver, walked straight in and asked to speak to the theatre director. They booked her on the spot.

Sometimes we need to stop waiting until everything is perfect, until our following is big enough, until we are more experienced, until….

Sometimes we need to be brave, step out, and just do it!

Michelle has now added a new passion to her life: writing. She took the same “get it done” attitude from her music career and applied it to publishing 6 books.

Michelle’s story is an inspiration for those of us who want to pursue our passion, but are holding back. Check out her article:

Lessons I Learned From Self Publishing 6 Books (Medium members)

Lessons I Learned From Self Publishing 6 Books (non members)


In this community, we’re building a culture of supporting each other as new writers. Writing is not an easy career to break into at times, is it! It can also be a pretty isolated job, so it’s important that we find a network of writers and encourage each other in our work.

This week I’ve been working alongside a lovely new writer in my Inspired Writer mentorship program. Take a read of Gracey Gee’s fantastic article where she discusses the importance of diversity in writing. Let’s give her heaps of support and encouragement!

Do New Voices Matter (Medium members)

Do New Voices Matter (non members)