Have We Met Yet?

If we chatted IRL...

One of my favorite things about being a writer is hearing people’s stories. Actually, that’s one of my favorite things about life in general. People interest me.

I know some people say they love animals or the environment more than humans, and I love those too (I live in a gorgeous country!) but if I had to pick one favorite it would be people every time.

Medium (the platform where I write most) is shifting towards a more relational platform and I think that’s exciting.

The writing community is exciting!

I love getting to know you all and hearing your stories. I always get excited when you introduce yourselves and comment on these emails or my stories. After a decade writing in (almost) complete isolation, except for my editors, getting to know other writers means a lot to me.

If we met in real life, these are the things I might share with you…

11 Things I’d Tell You If We Met in Real Life