Help me plan for 2021?

Are you an artist or a content creator...

Hi writing family,

I’m about to plan my content for you for 2021. Can you help?

My aim is always to team up with you in boosting your writing career.

You don’t have to figure it all out on your own! To do that best, I need to know what kind of writing you’re focused on this year.

There are two main types:

  1. Content creation—we often do this for income, but it’s not all about money. It’s very reader focused. It informs our readers, educates, encourages, and persuades.

    This is the “How to Boost Your Happiness with These 6 Incredible Books” or “Parenting as an Introvert is Tiring and Here’s Why” type of stories.

  2. Creative expression—the other side of writing is more focused on us as artists: what we want to express, explore, understand, work through, and create. It still benefits our readers. Artistic writing moves, inspires, and entertains. Readers feel it at a deeper level than other types of content. It can help people feel less alone, see beauty in the world around them, or be exposed to another perspective or point of view.

You don’t have to chose one or the other as a writer. They’re different tools in your writers’ toolbelt.

  • You can build up your content creation skills to convey information more clearly. You can learn to structure your content in attractive ways and discover styles and techniques that earn you a higher income.

  • You can also learn to express yourself in more artistic, powerful, and creative ways. (You can also make money with artistic writing!)

I’m working on having you covered for both in 2021.

Creative Writing

I’m in the final stages of creating the updated Personal Essay Course. This course will eventually have three modules chock full of artistic tools for creative nonfiction writers.

And each week, writers in the Creative Nonfiction Academy add another tool to their belts: from lyric essays, to the ethics of writing about others, to the basics of great writing.

Content Creation

We ran a Medium Tech Zoom call last month and I’ll be doing another one soon.

But What’s Your Focus?

I’d love to know, what your focus is right now:

Content creation or artistic writing? Perhaps both?

I’d be really grateful if you take a few seconds to let me know. After all, this newsletter is all about you and your needs as a writer!

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