How Does Feedback in 24Hrs Sound?

Editors can take months to get back to you, but not these ones!

Hi writing family, Kelly Eden here from Medium.

This week, I had a reader remind me how scary submitting articles can be when you first start out.

So, if you feel that way too, I have some practice ones for you! I even tried one of them out and received a lovely rejection letter from them yesterday.

Wait, Kelly—a rejection? Why would we want to send anything to them?

Because YOU might get an acceptance, but if you don’t you won’t be alone! You can say, “Well, Kelly didn’t get accepted either and she’s fine.” I’ve been writing and getting published for over 12 years and let me reassure you, I get plenty of rejections.

The point is you just keep pitching.

Rejections are a reason to celebrate too. It means you now have a finished story ready to pitch to someone else. Did you know, it can take 7 to 20 pitches to get an acceptance! Sometimes it takes more. Authors of full-sized books often talk about having to pitch hundreds of places before they find a home for their work.

Articles tend to be a tad easier, but it’s about making sure you find the right home and editing your work until it’s publish worthy.

The only way to get over a fear is to face it—so let’s practice sending work in and facing rejection. Who knows—you might get a “yes!”

Here are three places that respond quickly:

Eunoia Review —This online literary mag say they will respond within 24 hours and they did. You can submit poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction.

Amendo—This is a lifestyle blog that is Catholic-affiliated but accepts a wide range of short posts (500 words) on all sorts of non-religious topics. They take two to three weeks to respond.

Inspired Writer—This is my Medium Publication and I generally respond within 24 hours with a little feedback thrown in!

And if you need more encouragement here’s an article about rejection:

5 Reasons Your Article Got Rejected

Let me know how you go!