I found writing lonely, until this...

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Writing can be a lonely profession. For the first 10 years of my writing career I was pretty much on my own—no workmates and only brief emails with my editors.

As a Highly Sensitive introvert, working on my own suits me in many ways. I enjoy undisturbed time to think and write, but even the most introverted of us do better with some support.

Writing is emotionally demanding—all those rejections!—and it’s hard to stay motivated and keep that inner critic silenced at times.

I started my very first writing job as a columnist for a local paper, but I stopped sending in stories within 6 months. Imposter syndrome, which I didn’t even know about at the time, got the better of me.

Even after 12 years of writing, I have months when it’s hard to keep going. I know from your emails and messages that I’m not the only one!

The one thing that made a huge difference for me was joining Medium a couple of years ago. It wasn’t actually the platform as such, I’ve used other writing platforms, but Medium has one major difference—an incredible community.

I have two amazing writers groups now and have made some of the most incredible friends. I’m a pretty independent person and I never thought I would value a peer group of writers so much, or depend on them so much. Some days, their encouragement is the only reason I keep writing.

Many of you have been asking for more community support this year. I’ve been brainstorming the best way to provide this.

The end result

After much thought, I decided to ask my coeditor from my Medium publication, Inspired Writer, to help me deliver something really valuable—because, as I’ve learnt now, everything is better with support!

Ash Jurberg, is a talented writer and big on the idea of collaboration and peer support. He wrote a gorgeous article (link below) about his experience of finding friendship in our writing group.

Together we’ve come up with a mentoring and peer support program that recreates all the aspects we’ve found useful ourselves as writers.

A little note from Ash on his Medium experience

“I joined Medium in April 2020 and my first 12 months have exceeded my expectations. I look back on those first few frustrating months when it felt like nothing would ever happen and think if I only knew then, what I know now.

What do I know now? Well join this Community and find out!”

My Medium Bio

  • Published in major publications Better Marketing, Entrepreneurs Handbook, The Ascent, The Startup, Mind Café, PS I Love You, The Writing Cooperative, Better Humans and More

  • Offered a weekly column in Better Marketing

  • Had several articles commissioned in Better Humans

  • Co-editor of Inspired Writer

  • Owner and co-editor of Greener Pastures—which has spawned a Podcast

  • Mentor to emerging writers

  • Achieved Top Writer in 18 categories

  • Enjoy a 100% curation rate

  • Been Number 3 on Medium’s Trending Page alongside President Barack Obama.

“Medium can be a challenge and like any challenge it is much easier when you are part of a team. You would never climb Mount Everest alone—so don’t tackle Medium alone.
Let us be your Sherpa, your mentor, your guide and your team mate.”

—Ash Jurberg.

The Program

So what are we offering?

The Medium Mentor Community Program is a small group-based six week program that aims to connect writers, offer a supportive community, and share tips and insights for writing on Medium.com.

I mentored Ash when he first arrived at Medium. Here are two articles he wrote that explain the benefits gained from a mentoring experience and a writing community. (You will see they were published in 2 of Medium’s biggest publications)



How do I find out more?

The first program starts on Monday April 26th. To find out more and reserve your spot follow this link.

We will be keeping numbers small to create that important community feel. Applications need to be in before April 20.

Hope that helps!