In case you missed it: Notes from the Medium tech call

Don't worry, there will be another one soon

We just wrapped up our first Medium Tech Call.

Here are the notes if you are interested. If not, scroll down to the Final Thoughts at the bottom of this email for an update on what’s happening this month.

If you’ve not heard of Medium, it’s a platform designed for writers where anyone can write on any subject, meet other writers, and potentially earn money for your work.

I personally like Medium as a way new writers can build confidence, practice their craft, and learn from other more experienced writers. I wish it had been around when I started 12 years ago!

Today we talked about:

Medium Facebook groups

These are great to interact with other writers, read their work, and ask questions. Perhaps we should start a Because You Write Facebook group? Something to think about.

Here are some of my favorites:

The Writing Cooperative Community

Womxn of Medium

Medium Writers and Bloggers

There are a LOT of Medium writers groups so hunt around for one that suits you.

Designing your personal profile

We have the option now on Medium of designing your own home page.

On my publication, Inspired Writer, we have a couple of articles to help you with that.

How to Design Your Medium Profile and Why it’s Important by Oliver Pines

Oliver has some fantastic tips on elements of good design in this article for those of us who aren’t graphic designers!

Steps to a Sneaky Medium Hack: Make a “Uniquely” You Profile by me

This one walks you through some of the ways to make it a bit different.

Remember, minimalism is best! White space is our friend.

Getting more views

Until you have a larger following, its best not to self-publish on Medium (unless you want to try getting picked up by Curious or Human Parts).

Smedian has a list of all the top publications. Try to get into the biggest one you can in your topic. They have more followers which equals more readers for your story.

Be aware though that it’s not always how it seems. Some publications bump up their numbers artificially and some publish so many articles a day that your story quickly disappears into the slush-pile.

The best way to work on getting more views is to publish as often as you can (I’m not in the publish every day club, but consistently publishing is the key on Medium). It’s about building up that library of work.

Smaller publications are often useful too. Editors of smaller publications can help you learn.

At my pub, Inspired Writer, we help new writers with headings, formatting, and editing their work so that they have the best chance possible of being read and getting into larger publications with their future pieces.

Some of our writers have gone on to getting published in Better Humans (which pays $500 a story), PS I Love You, Better Marketing, and Entrepreneur’s Handbook, History of Yesterday and even Human Parts, one of Medium’s hardest publications to get into!

Final thoughts for the day

It’s fun to get to know you and chat about writing, so let’s have another call in a few weeks. I know some of the people who wanted to come along missed out today.

This week has been busy! I’m half way through creating a brand new personal essay course for you all and I’m really excited about it.

I’ve chatted with a Modern Love (New York Times) writer and she’s given permission for us to use her story as a model to dissect.

There’s also a workbook this time for mining memories and helping you break your story down into manageable chunks. I know some writers got stuck for ideas with the last course. The workbook will really help with unlocking those!

Have a great week,


P.S. Please remember to send in any questions you have about Medium for the next tech call.

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