I've Made Some Changes

I hope they're ones you find useful!

Hi, Kelly Eden here,

I want everything I do with this newsletter to be useful. That’s why I’ve had a mid-year review and decided to make some changes.

I took a couple of months off from the paid subscription Creative Nonfiction Academy and it helped me decide the best way to deliver learning content.

The free newsletter will continue, but the paid subscription one won’t. For any extra courses, I’ll use Thinkific.

Thinkific has been amazing for my Personal Essay Course. It’s interactive and I can add video, slideshows, and attachments, like workbooks. etc. As a ex-teacher, that multi-sensory way of learning—visual, auditory, hands-on—really appeals to me.

We’ve covered a huge range of Creative Nonfiction in the Academy, from some amazing sources, but it’s all been written content.

I want to take that wonderful wealth of information and turn it into bite-sized multi-sensory courses. Then you can learn whichever way you learn best:

  • reading

  • listening

  • watching

  • doing

I’m hoping this will deliver the best value and use of your precious time, and be the most useful for your growth as a writer. Because that’s why you’re here reading this, after all.

So keep watching this space! Drag it into your primary tab if it ended up in your spam folder, then you won’t miss out.

Happy writing

Kelly Eden