Last Call

Have you tried a personal essay yet?

Hi everyone,

Personal essays are a fantastically creative and intimate form to write. They allow you to explore ideas and create a connection with your reader.

Essayist Phillip Lopate says, “That’s one of the great things the essay can do is have that quality of someone whispering in your ear.”

The paying market for essays is growing which opens up another income stream for those of us making writing our career.

This is a final call to join me this week learning to write personal essays.

I’ll be running classes starting on Monday. By the end of the week you’ll have produced a 500-1000 word personal essay — a good length for publishing on Medium, pitching to an editor, or just sharing with your family.


Can I do the course in my timezone? Yes! You’ll get sent a link to the video classes, resources, and readings via email so you can watch/read them in your own time and complete the course at your own pace.

Is it suitable for beginners? Yes, the lessons are aimed at people who have little or no experience with personal essays. There will also be options for extension, further reading etc, for those of you who are more experienced writers or want to challenge yourself.

Will I get feedback on my writing? Yes. I want everyone to be able to access individual feedback on your writing, so I’ll be keeping the class numbers to a maximum of 10.

How do I enroll? If you’re keen to join me for the week, flick me a message. You can do that by replying to this email.

How much does it cost? As it’s my first class like this and I want anyone to be able to access it, I’ve decided to keep it super cheap ($20USD for the week).

If there are other courses you are interested in, let me know. Making money as a freelancer, writing for magazines, writing on Medium, or preparing a pitch to editors, are some ideas of future courses I could run.

Kelly Eden