Last Call for Medium Mentoring

And a paid opportunity for teen fiction writers

Hi writing family,

This is the last call for the Medium Mentoring Community Program starting in a couple of weeks. are changing their writers program in August, and with a focus on indie writers, it looks hopeful it will be a positive change.

The six week course is $99USD which is much cheaper than other Medium courses I’ve seen. You get two mentors: myself and Ash Jurberg, and the added benefit of a community of supportive writers which continues after the course finishes. Here are the details.

Paid Writing Opportunity

One of my editors is looking for new writers.

Here are the details:

You will be writing short fiction for a Chinese company who are creating a series (kind of like Zootopia) for ESL teens and adults.

The pay is $50-$80USD per 1000 words depending on the quality of your story.

There are themes and set characters, settings etc., but within that quite a lot of creative scope. They want around 2-3 stories a week or more (there's no upper limit on how many you can write). Stories are between 1000 and 8000 words long.

You need to set up a TransferWise account preferably for payment. The application process involves sending your current cv, fiction story samples, and, if you progress to the interview stage, a zoom/skype call. I’ve found them very professional to work with.

Comment below if you're keen and I'll forward your email to Hedy, one of the managers.

Have a great week!