Money, Pitching Editors, and Meditation

What do they all have in common?

Thank you for all the comments on the planning post for 2021. Sounds like most of us enjoy delving into both:

We are content creators and creatives!

So this year I’ll ensure we have a good balance of both here. Feel free to add your comments if you haven’t yet.

In keeping with that, I have three things for you today:

  • Two related more to the business side of writing

  • One personal one—because if we don’t look after ourselves and our mental health, no writing gets done at all. And creatives do tend to have active inner lives!

Next week, I’ll be launching my new Personal Essay Course. It’s being tested and reviewed right now—so drag this email out of your spam so you don’t miss out.

Now for our three resources:

1. Managing Freelance Finances

I’ve teamed up with the editor from The Write Life a couple of times to share resources with you because they really know their stuff.

Alexis, who was also the former executive editor of The Penny Hoarder, sat down with her accountant dad to create a new money resource for us. Because the financial side of our writing can be a headache, right! I know I hate it.

This one’s specifically for those of you in the US and has everything you need to know about taxes, invoicing, saving for retirement, and all the financial to-dos of freelancing.

(This is an affiliate link, just so you know too.) Use the code KELLY to get the special 20% discount she’s offered the BecauseYouWrite family.

The Money Guide for Freelance Writers: How to manage (and feel good about) your finances.

2. Crafting the Perfect Pitch

If you are struggling to get your pitch to the editor sorted this resource is gold!

Successful Pitches Database

They’re on Twitter too.

3. Managing Stress So You Can Keep Writing!

Last year, I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Grace Grossman. Grace has developed a yoga and mediation practice especially tailored towards creatives.

If you’re struggling right now (and aren’t we all), you might want to check out her latest e-book. (This one’s not an affiliate link.)

Here’s a sneak-peak from the blurb:

The struggle of the rat race is real, but finding balance is the real deal. This book will show you how your answer lies within, reached through the practice of self-acceptance, awareness, and love.

Chill out and Cheer Up: a ten-step guide (e-book)