Pathways To Your Writing Career

50 Places to Find Writing Jobs

Medium Writers

It’s great to see so many of you are Medium writers! Remember to check out the profiles people have left in the comments from the last thread and support each other’s work. Add your own Medium profile too if you haven’t yet!

If you need a hand with Medium, feel free to contact me about mentoring. I work with a number of Medium writers. It’s a great place to learn and practice our craft.

Writing for Money

You’ve probably noticed that the writing world is changing. (Along with the rest of the world!)

Journalism has become highly competitive and many full-time journalists have lost their jobs this year but, it’s not all gloom and doom—other writing positions are opening up.

A ton of businesses are moving completely online. Instead of store fronts, they’re using content to attract and drive sales. That’s great news for us!

Often to be a full time writer you need more than one income stream.

I was reminded this week of how in demand content marketers are right now. If you love writing and want to make a career out of it, copywriting and content marketing are great options to pad out your income.

What do they do?

Content Marketers or Digital Marketing Writers create informative online material like blog posts and infographics. (They also make podcasts and videos etc. Any content that can be used for marketing).

Copywriters write anything their clients need, from blogs to ebooks, brochures to website copy.

In the past, I’ve combined copywriting and content marketing for businesses (“About” pages, blog posts, sales pages etc.) with magazine feature articles.

Feature articles are fun and build up your profile, but copy brings in a more consistent income.

Other Pathways to a Writing Career

If you’re wondering about the different pathways you can take for your writing career, this article will get you started:

Want To Be a Writer? Start Here

50 Places to Find Freelance Work

There are so many places to find content writing jobs—some better than others. Be wary of low-paying content mills. Don’t settle for .01 cent a word even if you’re a beginner!

To get you started I found this Content Marketing focused site which has tips and a list of 50 Freelance writing jobs, platforms and opportunities.

Have a great weekend!