Pitching nonfiction agents, new publications open to writers, and old ones closing their doors

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Hi writing family, Kelly Eden here.

This week we’re talking about agents, publications to try and…change. One sure reality of writing is change.

The writing gigs, editors, and publications you write for will disappear suddenly and often unexpectedly. But new ones will also appear just as suddenly.

Last year, two magazines I wrote for lost their writers’ budget because of the pandemic. Now another one, PS I Love You on Medium is shutting down from lack of funding.

Thankfully, there’s still plenty of work out there. More than I’ve ever experienced! It’s a good time to be a writer.

I write because I love it and it’s my job—and has been for over 12 years—money is important to earn, but I also write because I learn and heal, and hopefully help others learn and heal too.

Here’s part of a farewell I wrote to PS I Love You about the healing you can find in writing:

I’ve always known the power of writing for therapy. I’d already been writing emotionally cathartic letters like “The quiche you didn’t make me” in my journals. What I didn’t realize was how healing researching relationship stories would be — even listicles!

As I wrote and researched for stories like 7 Clues They’re Not “The One”, I started to understand what had gone wrong in my marriage. And more importantly, what I could change about myself and my future relationships. My background is in education and psychology, so I studied relationship science and poured over the data. I learnt about red flags I wish I’d known in my teens. 

The terms “codependency” and “White Knight Syndrome” awakened me. The more I researched for my readers, the more I applied in my own life.

I don’t think there’s any way I would have learned so much in such a short amount of time if I hadn’t been writing for PS I Love You.

When I started dating my friend — and now husband — only 6 months after divorce, I was already a completely different, stronger person than the passive walkover I was before.

When I wrote:

Healthy boundaries are a whole new concept for me and, believe me, I’m not finding it easy either. I’ve only just learned how to be strong enough. I’ve realised my boundaries haven’t been that great in general, with other people too not just you — it’s so hard to say no. I hate conflict or disappointing people. But I’m learning it’s necessary. It’s especially necessary when trust has been lost.

I was changing as I typed every single painful word.

If you want to read the rest, it’s here.

Writing on Medium?

I saw this handy Medium Publication list today written by Rambling Rose. She’s included some great ones I’d never heard of.

If you’d like to get a Medium peer support group around you, a new one will be starting soon. We’re limiting numbers to 25. You can read up on it here and add your name to the wait list.

Thinking of writing a nonfiction book?

I wrote a “quick tips” article with 3 things you need to do first after my talk with an agent about my own nonfiction book proposal.

Hopefully there’s something helpful for you among all of that.

Have a wonderfully creative week!


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