Share Your Story 10x Better

Telling your story well matters

Hi family,

I’m excited to be sharing this with you today! I know it’s been a long time in development phase but I wanted to get it just right.

Helping you tell your story matters to me. It’s what gets me up in the morning. I know what an impact stories have on people from my own writing. I’ve had readers send me gifts in the mail, write beautiful emails and comments, and pin my story to their wall because it impacted them and their lives.

But…I only have my own stories to tell. And they only impact so many people.

That’s why I want to empower as many of you as possible to tell your stories well, in a way that readers love, connect with, and are moved by.

That’s also why my new Personal Essay Course is for anyone—from beginner to experienced writers new to the personal essay form.

There’s a feedback component for this course so I do need to limit the numbers. My first intake of students then will be open for the next two weeks.

Here’s the details:

Personal Essay Course: Module One, An Introduction to Personal Essays


xx Kelly