Submissions Open

Got a draft waiting to be published?

Hi Everyone, Kelly Eden here from Medium.

Just a quick email today! If you’ve wondered about writing on Medium or are on there already, I’ve opened up my Medium publication Inspired Writer to submissions. If you have a draft that you’re keen to get eyes on, why not polish it up and send it in?

Here are the details: How To Write for Inspired Writer

If you don’t know how Medium works, it’s a platform that pays per read. Anyone can publish their work—essayists, non-fiction “how-to” writers, short story writers, poets...

Some writers do really well financially over time (after building up their audience), but I actually think the biggest value of Medium is the opportunity it offers to new writers:

  • Learning from other writers.

  • Improving your writing skills by writing and publishing regularly.

  • Getting direct feedback from readers.

    I wish something like that had been around when I was a new writer.

    That’s it for this week. If you have any questions you’d like answered about writing—send them in!