Want to do better on Medium?

New course soon

Hi writing family, Kelly Eden here.

I recently ran a Medium Mentor Community Program with my coeditor Ash and a group of talented new and experienced writers. It was great! We’ve had feedback and changed around a few things to make it work even better and now we’re ready for group number 2.

It’s $99USD for the 6-week program and then the Slack group stays open for as long as you like afterwards so you can continue to support each other.

You can check out more details here.

One of our participants wrote a whole article about her experience, so I’ll let her tell you about it:

I was nervous about joining the Medium Mentoring Community Program led by the editors I envied at Inspired Writer, but I was enticed to learn more about writing on Medium from successful, well-established, more experienced writers. I reached a point in my writing where I needed an outside push, guidance, and direction after six months of writing on the platform and needed to connect with writers on a deeper level.

Small groups, big mentoring

My group consisted of 18 members from different parts of the world, such as Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada, and the US.

Creating small online groups is a step towards building community and fosters friendships on common ground. Our small group enabled the editors and members to mentor each other and give attention, feedback, and support to their stories in a safe, reliable setting — without feeling pressured, ignored, or overwhelmed by a large number of participants.

I submitted to bigger publications

One of my writing challenges was to submit and get published into bigger publications. For the first time, after three rejections from The Ascent, my story, “The Click Moment of Exercise: The click is sudden, but when you get it — it’s empowering,” was accepted and published by The Ascent and chosen for further distribution (CFD).

I published my second piece, which was also CFD, How I Became a Superhero Kid: The cost of winning in P.S. I Love You because my goal was to get at least one more story in before the publication closes down at the end of June.

I took a chance and submitted writing samples to Better Humans,Fearless She WroteandAn Injusticeand was accepted as a writer in all three publications.

Read Mary’s full story here. Empower Your Writing