Writing to Get Through

And submissions open for travel writers

Hope you’re all well, avoiding storms and sickness etc. There’s a lot going on in the world and it can be hard to focus on writing when you’re so distracted and anxious.

Writing can be just the thing we need though. We need to turn off all our notifications, news, etc and become hyper-focused on the task in front of us!

For those of you who don’t know, before I was a writer, my background was in psychology and education. There are some great things that happen in your body and brain when you’re hyper-focused on an enjoyable task—like writing.

Your brain flicks into what you probably know as “flow”. Flow is when we immerse ourselves in a task and everything else falls away. Time flies.

Flow is very energizing for our minds. It sets off our reward systems and feels very satisfying.

Have you experienced being really into a story? It just runs off your fingers and your mind stays locked on the page. It’s a great feeling!

Our bodies also relax when we are in this focused state. We aren’t stressing about what’s happening in the world. We’re not thinking of all our problems and our to-do lists. We’re calm.

Sometimes I feel quite emotional when I’m writing a piece, especially a personal essay, but it’s a different feeling than stress. I might relive an old painful memory, process a difficult event, or feel angry about an injustice. Writing can be like a positive therapy session!

Personal Essays are in Demand

I’ve been writing and reading more personal essays this year than ever before. They’re in demand right now. It seems we all want to connect with each other, or try to process what’s going on for us, and this is one way we can.

I talked this week about what makes a good personal essay on the WOW! Women on Writing Blog this week. You can check it our here if you like.

Last Spaces Available

I’m about to rework my Personal Essay workshop—make it a bit bigger and better—but there are four remaining spots on my original course left. So if you want to grab the course at the cheaper Beta price of $75 you’ll need to get in quick. Once the places are gone, they’re gone.

The course includes one-on-one feedback which makes it unique and more valuable for your writing development than just watching a masterclass.

“Being new to the genre of non-fiction and personal essays, Kelly's experience and input have been invaluable. She's made me look at aspects and examine details I might not have otherwise thought of, and she was happy to provide extra information beyond the course material. Thank you, Kelly!” —Kahli Bree Adams.

Check out the Personal Essay Workshop.

Travel and Destination: Writing Opportunity

I know a few travel writers are feeling a bit lost right now.

Before COVID, Were You An Adventurous Traveler? Or do you live somewhere amazing? Did you dream of being a travel writer?

Just because we aren’t traveling now doesn’t mean travel writing is dead! You can write about your past adventures or the amazing spots near where you live.

Here’s one place that’s buying travel, destination, and adventure stories:

Outpost Magazine— read the submission guidelines carefully. They take stories from around the world. They say if English is not your first language, they are still happy to take a look. They work with all their writers in an editing process anyway and want to know local tips about the best places to go!

See you next week!

Kelly Eden