Your Free Pitch Template

It's ready!

Hi, Kelly Eden here from Medium.

Remember a few weeks ago I promised a pitch template for you alongside advice from editors? Well it’s now live and ready for you to access!

If you’ve been wondering about sending your work off to editors, this will help you structure your email in a way that gets their attention. Editors are so busy and you only get a few seconds to impress them before your submission is thrown in the “no” pile.

How to Pitch Editors With Your Story Ideas

The Personal Essay is course is up and running. It’s great to be working with a group of you and I’m really looking forward to seeing what gets produced during the week!

I’m hoping to run more courses in the future so I can get to know more of you, and read your work. Seeing writers develop their unique voice is always inspiring!

Have a great week,

Kelly Eden

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